Introducing: The StackSource Browser Extension!

We built this new tool for real estate investors and investment sales agents to easily size up potential real estate investments from commercial sales listings, without leaving the listing webpage.

Note that this tool is in beta testing, which means this is an early version. There may be some bugs and designs that need to be tweaked. There’s also a lot of functionality we still need to build in.

What does today’s version (v0.3) do?

Overlay financial analysis within a listing page

The extension runs the math between your purchase, income, and financing assumptions to show you an investment’s potential:

  • Max loan amount
  • Equity required to purchase
  • Net cash flow
  • Cash on Cash Return

Pulls up to date debt parameters from StackSource’s server

You choose a lender category (like Regional Bank, CMBS, or Freddie Mac Optigo), and receive today’s interest rate ranges, max leverage, and amortization options.

Works with Google Chrome

You can technically load the extension on any webpage by clicking on the StackSource logo from the Chrome browser toolbar. The overlay button will only appear on websites that the extension recognizes as a commercial property listing portal. This is only compatible with the Google Chrome web browser today, and you need to install the extension first (link at the bottom of this blog post).

If you find that the overlay doesn’t appear on a listing page you’re using, shoot us a note.

Ability to Share an analysis privately

Want to share your potential acquisition deal with a co-investor or someone else? Click Share and choose to either grab a live Share URL or send a link over email.

More features coming

Instant loan quotes!!

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Starting with common agency multifamily loan programs like HUD 223(f) and Freddie Mac SBL, we'll roll out instant rate and loan amount quotes so you don't need to guess. Yes, we're talking about instant rate quotes!

Scraping listing data

“Scraping” is a common term for software engineers that means grabbing information from a webpage automatically. As a commercial real estate sales listing is rich with information about the property, and some of that information would be useful to grab and save without re-typing it all, we’ll teach the browser extension what information to grab from popular listing portals.

We’ve started with one portal that will already be scraped in V1 — open up a CREXi sales listing, click on the StackSource overlay button, and see that it will pull some of the information right off the page as underwriting assumptions.

Save deals to a pipeline

If you view a lot of potential investments, you may want to save the ones that look interesting after the initial analysis, and then update the status on those potential investment leads. In the future, we’ll support that by letting users save deals to a pipeline view, where they can see and manage all the deals saved.

Start a detailed pro forma underwriting in a click

This financial analysis in the extension can be considered a “napkin” analysis. That means, it’s a way to quickly identify deals that might be worth pursuing. It does not replace the need for a more detailed underwriting exploring the potential cash flows for an asset. For that, you’ll still need to use a full underwriting model.

Many real estate investors use spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) to analyze their investment opportunities, while others have made the switch to cloud-based underwriting platforms. In a future version, you’ll be able to click a button to generate a full pro forma underwriting model to work with, on your underwriting platform of choice, with details from the sales listing pre-loaded.

Support for more browsers

We know not everyone uses Google Chrome. Firefox, Safari, and whatever Microsoft is not calling “Internet Explorer” these days all have their fair share of users. Note that it takes quite a while to boot up a browser extension on a different platform, so if you’re impatient, just use Chrome to access the extension.

Ready to try it out?

You need to request access to the beta version (, or by emailing [email protected].