make calls 90 minutes a day, using dialer, grind, hustle for a deal, learn how to talk to a seller., follow up, make an offer and get an off market deal under contract. You must focus on initiating a conversation with an owner of real estate, talk to strangers (potential sellers) uncover an opportunity to purchase a property. Be the 1%, put in the work, face your fear, get tough....learn how to hunt and fish for yourself.... 99% of money made is off market, invisible, unknown..pre-internet...stop looking for deals listed on internet, talking to buyers, agents, investors, realtors, wholesalers, podcasts, network events, mentors, etc, etc.. if you want to buy right, learn to initiate a conversation and talk to sellers, build rapport, and make offers.

We dont mentor, train, sooth your fears....go to youtube for self education...were looking for someone who will call and talk to strangers, and learn to make offers, and share in profits...  (acquisitions).

If your licensed, thats a plus, you can list the deals that need to go retail. If your in NE Florida, that a plus, if needed you can be physical boots on ground. You make % of profit for any lead you are involved in, start, nurture, follow and grow we assign it, flip it, or (flat marketing fee) if partners list it. Bring conversations to the table as a conversation starter acquisitions partner...we have the expertise, agreement contracts, boots on ground, follow up on lead support, hard money, data mining, dialer, rehab crew, agents, cold call virtual assistant team already.


Job Posting Details

  • City: jacksonville
  • State: Florida
  • Remote position: no
  • How to apply: [email protected]
  • Part time