Lender Needed! 4-plex in Cincinnati, OH

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Hey everyone! I recently got an offer accepted on a 4-plex in a great suburb area right outside Cincinnati, but my financing fell through. I'm seeking a private lender, or possibly hard money, that is able to do a 95% LTV, 30 yr. The purchase price is $345k.

The purchase comes with a 2nd parcel of land that will be buildable (and worth much more) within 2 years. The property needs about 10k in rehab on 1 of the units, otherwise it's in great condition and ready to rent out.

Please message me if you know of anyone who is able to help me with this deal and need further information. You can reach me at (631) 748-1214. Thank you!

Hi Nick,

Lender here. Wouldn't be able to get you 95% LTV 30-yr...those sounds like conventional terms. But happy to talk through short-term direct lending options that allow for a rehab component and use a conventional loan as a takeout in 2 years' time. Look forward to hearing back.


Alex Shea
[email protected]