Hey BiggerPockets,

Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of REIkit.com real estate wholesaling and house flipping software.

Today I wanted to let the community know about REI/kit's Motivated Seller Leads List tool, and the marketing automation campaigns, and ask you a few questions.

Are you thinking of marketing to motivated sellers?

Are you already marketing to them, and tired of having multiple providers for: leads, skip tracing, CRM, email, ringless voicemail, and text messaging automation, a website, phone number, and calculating ARV?

Then consider REI/kit as an integrated many-in-one lead marketing and property analysis system.

The REIkit system will reduce the number of subscriptions that you need, and the time from lead generation to closing your next deal.

But let's get back to that Leads List tool. Not only will you have access to a wide selection of highly motivated seller lead types nationwide, but you'll also get all of the tools I just mentioned, and many more.

Select from 8 “recipes” for motivated seller leads in the Quick List Creator...

or easily build your own combining over 85 different filters, to build ultra-targeted lists of high quality, highly motivated sellers.

REIkit Motivated Seller Leads Quick List Creator

The best part is that you'll get a set number of FREE lead credits with every plan...and not just once, but every single month!

Plus, the leads are skip-traced instantly...

That's right -- you won't have to skip-trace your REI/kit leads for an extra 5 to 10 cents per lead, as our leads are automatically skipped and returned with addresses, phone numbers, and many with email addresses.

And, again, in keeping with the integration theme of all of our tools, your leads are piped directly into your REI/kit CRM, so that you can start cold calling, emailing, texting, sending RVM's and marketing to your new leads immediately afterwards.

With built-in email automation and text automation campaigns that are already written for you, all you have to do is create a campaign and then add your leads to it!

Start your free trial today. There is zero risk and you can cancel anytime...

Want to learn more? Click this link for details: https://www.reikit.com, or just jump straight to getting started here: https://www.reikit.com/pricing

Any questions, just comment below or chat on the site,