Good morning BP Community! 

If you're actively seeking discounted fixer upper properties I'd love to get connected with you to put you out in front of the opportunities that cross my desk daily. Investors, especially the less seasoned ones, are having trouble finding deals in a market this hot. The competition is stiff, the MLS is a crap shoot, and sellers are more aware of their position in the market. It's hard to find deals on your own with spending the money on marketing, use the help of a realtor (using the MLS), go door knocking and spend the time and gas money, try to work referrals, work through all the bad options until you find the good one, etc etc etc. This all takes a lot of time and you'll likely spend a lot of money to turn good leads. Remember, there are a lot of seasoned investors that already have their lead gen in place.

Would it not be easier for me to bring deals directly to you AT NO COST?

My brokerage is closing on more discounted investment properties every month than anyone else in the great State of Texas. I'm providing my investors 10-15 new opportunities EVERY WEEK. Single Family deals, Multi-Family properties, commercial projects, and vacant lots are available. The investors I work with PAY NOTHING to get access to this inventory, we do the title work for them to make sure you get a clear title at closing, and they don't pay any commissions to us on top of the sales price! 

Do you want to get access to this continual deal flow and not lift a finger to have great options that fit your strategy brought directly to you BEFORE they get out on the shark infested MLS?

Here's what you can do:

  (1) Reach out to me directly at (737) 219-9132 if you are needing your next project right away. I have 6 opportunities available right now that we can discuss and see if any of them fit your mold. If not I'll go to work to find you the deal you're looking for. 

  (2) Shoot me an email at [email protected] to start up a dialogue about your criteria and the process of getting you a deal that will fit you. You can always PM me on BP as well! 

  (3) If you'd like me to reach out to you at a time that would fit your schedule click THIS LINK that will take you to my online Investor Form that will both give me a better idea of how I can help you and let me know when the best time to reach you is. 

If you'd like more insights into the current San Antonio market climate, feel free to check out my recent article HERE. The key notes from this is that there is a very clear supply and demand imbalance creating rapid appreciation, inventory is low, the competition both on the investment and retail side is stiff, days on market are rapidly decreasing, and mortgage rates are still low! 

I look forward to working with you! Have a great day!

Chris Campbell || LREA: 732989

Realtor / Wholesaler

M: (737) 219-9132

E: [email protected]

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