Hi, I am Anthony Morgan, CEO of Prestige Business Financial Services LLC. I am going to give you a simple 2021 Passive Income and Wealth Building Plan for you and your family!! If you follow the steps below you can start from where you are today to where you want to be in the next few months. See Details Below:

1) Do our passive Forex program. Make up to 15% Per Week (averaging about 7% per week last 2-3 months). Paid Weekly and Withdraw Weekly. Only need $300 to start. Packages range from $300 to $100K. For Example: the $100K package gets you about $20K a month. For $300 jump in and try it for yourself. Upgrade along the way up to $100K.

2) Do our passive Bitcoin program. Make up to 2% Per Day (averaging about 1% per day last 2-3 months). Paid Daily and Withdraw Daily. Only need $100 to start. Packages range from $100 to $100K. For Example: a $25K packages gets you about $6250 per month passive income. This is more then what most people make a year. Only need $100 to start.

3) Our other passive Forex program ($5000). You need $5000 to start this one. Make money from the other 2 programs and start this one later with your profits. This is the long term plan. Make up to 3-15% Per Month.

We want to be diverse. If you have at least $400 get started with $300 with the Forex program and $100 with the Bitcoin program. Upgrade when you want to. Try both for a month,make passive income and you decide if you want to put more money in the program.

You can join at lower levels and refer others if you decide to help you upgrade your packages faster. You dont have to refer everyone in either program because the money is made in the trading but if you want extra money you can.

Below are ways to get in Position to get started and make extra money to invest:

1) If you credit score is below 680, lets get you in credit repair for $795-$995 and/or Tradelines ($550-$2000). This would put you in position you get our credit based funding up to $250K. No income required to get these options. View the 2 - 0% Business Lines of Credit options here - https://prestigebusinessfinancialservices.com/0-business-lines-of-credit/

Ideal Profile to get approved:

- 680 score and up
- No Bankruptcy
- No charge off and collections
- At least 2 primary credit cards in your name (Not AU accounts). Credit cards should at least be $1000 limits and at least 1 year of history
- Credit card usage under 50% usage
- No more then 5 inquires in last 6 months

We can do a Free credit report review. Send us a copy of your credit report. You can get here - www.prestigecreditreport.com

2) If you have a business. How your business bank statements should be to get max funding.Need to look like below for 3 months to provide last 3 months of business bank statements

- $10K a month in deposits
- 3 to 5 transactions per months
- keep average daily balance (ADB) over at least $1000 per month

Bank statements like that with a 650 score and up could get you $100K in funding or more

3) If you dont have the money to join the passive programs or pay for credit repair services, etc. You can work with us as a funding agent. Refer others that need personal or business funding. Can make $5K - $10K per month. Free to join. If you not signed up you can signup here - www.prestigebfs.com/agents

Prestige Is here to Help. Let me know if you need help with a personal 2021 Passive Income and Wealth Building Plan for You and Your Family!!

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