Hi BiggerPockets Community,

Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of REIkit.com online house flipping and wholesaling software, based out of Los Angeles.

Today I wanted to share an article I wrote on how to find cash buyers in any area, and in any market.

The way investors approach the idea of cash buyers is always being debated. Like the chicken and egg conundrum -- is it better to have the deals first, or the buyers first?

This is specific to the investor, how hot the market in their area is, among other factors.

What's not debatable is that getting those properties under contract is always a thrill!

In this article I list out a massive 34 ways to find cash buyers through networking, online research, and offline methods:

34 Actionable Ways to Grow Your Cash Buyers List

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Let me know if I missed any methods in the comments below...

Good luck!