Build Your Business Credit To Paydex 80; Get $250K in Funding; Free Consult!!

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- Helps you not Personal Guarantee future business loans and lines of credit

- Build your business credit and position your business for funding

- Business credit increases your chances of business funding

- When approved increases our chances to get larger amounts of funding

- We work with you to get up to $250K or more in funding

- Process takes 30-45 Days

- Now is more important then either to have business credit as lender are tight on lending

- Cost is $2250

We have over 30 Funding Options and work with you to get you the Funding You Need.

Examples of Funding Options:

- 0% Business Lines of Credit up to $250K

- Personal Loans up to $400K

- 100% Equipment Finance

- SBA Loans

- Business Term Loans up to $500K

- Credit Repair for $795-$995

- Tradelines; Boost your credit in 2-4 weeks

**We also have Pre-Made Business with 4-5 Years of History you can buy for $12K and get up to $400K in Funding. A lot of clients are using this to Build Wealth quickly**

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