Wholesalers, have you been looking for an online KPI Dashboard.  All you have to do is submit some of your expenses, and your leads.  Wholesalers KPI online dashboard will do the rest for you.

If you have NOT been tracking your KPI's, then you might not be a serious wholesaler who's looking to scale.  You CANNOT successfully scale or grow your business without knowing your metrics.  You need to know exactly how many leads you'll get for X amount of marketing dollars spent.  You should know exactly how many leads and closings you'll get from each marketing medium and for X amount of marketing expenses.

Once you decide you want to scale and add more employees, you'll want to start tracking what each employee does so that you can then compare employees and not waste leads.  If you're looking for metrics like your Conversion Rate, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Closing, Profit Margin, leads to a closed deal etc, checkout Wholesalers KPI VIA Facebook, online or PM me.

the picture attached is ONLY a couple examples, but there are many more tabs and much more tracking for Wholesalers across the United States looking to scale their business making decisions based on the FACTS vs emotions.