Book keeping software recommendations?

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Book keeping software? I'm beginning into real estate investment through rentals (2 in the past year) and as I expand want to have a better book keeping program in place - any recommendations? Quick Books Pro?

rent manager is awesome however i also do flips so quickbooks i use

i use the premier and love the drill down reporting i can do espically when things didnt go as we would haveliked we can learn fromand move on.

Thank you Jeremy. With rent manager I would need at a minimum 5 properties for their small business offerings. Great advice and outlook on Quick Books as well.

with quickbooks and a scanner u can have digital reciepts of every transaction i consider it audit protection but i have a PT employee for this and yes unlike everyone else i have real employees not subs i find i get better rehabs for less money but i am also a contractor i can tell u where i bought anyitem for any property in 2 minutes its awesome easy to setup i can help if u need

Hi there. The other product that you might want to check out is Xero. It is cloud based so you are working on the latest version all the time. Its definitely up there with QuickBooks. Worth a look I think.

I use it for all my properties.

Note: I am based in New Zealand but I know that Xero has an American version.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Troy. I was unfamiliar with Xero before your post but did some search afterwards and they do have a US option that looks interesting - thanks for sharing.

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