credit repair companies or not?

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are credit repair companies really worth it? I need to fix mines badly,looking for recommendations on doing so

As far as I know , there are no legal ways to "repair" credit besides paying off your outstanding debts and keeping your payments current. You can legally dispute negative items on your report if they are reported incorrectly. Some of the credit repair companies will dispute negative items over and over even if they are legitimate and accurate in an attempt to get them removed. This may be a way to improve your scores quicker, but could get you in trouble. Coming out of college I had a terrible credit score, but after a few years of paying back the legitimate debts and getting inaccurate items removed, I am 750ish on all 3.

You will not get in trouble disputing scores. You do not have to claim they are inaccurate, you can simply request that the CRA verify the information. They are required to do so within 30 days or remove it from your report.

That is about 80% of what credit reporting companies do. It is perfectly legal, but if you have time, there is no reason to pay someone to do it for you. Go to creditboards dot com and ask for help.

I know people that have had very good results with this company: Lexington Law. Good luck!

@Stephen Moore  there are reputable credit repair services out there. Most of the reputable ones do not charge any fees until the derogatory information has been deleted. Find one in your area that you can meet face to face.

I went to creditboards forum and cleaned my credit for free. They have an excellent forum that talks about credit and how to do dispute. I added the web address below but you can google creditboards and you will find it. I am not affiliated with that site. Good luck! Charlotte


True credit repair is done only one way - consistently paying off debts over a long time period.  While you might get a small bump by employing some of the techniques above, I think that changing your mindset to a long term approach to wealth creation and strong credit is a great way to build your score.

I formerly had a poor credit score, and one of my friends told me that credit score can be thought of sort of like your reputation.  I was angry with him at the time, but thinking this way really helped me prioritize building my score - banks and other lenders like to lend to someone with a great reputation or score, just like I might be more willing to lend my car to a friend who has never been in an accident or pulled over.  While you can get around this, having a great financial reputation or credit score just makes life easier and creates more opportunity.

So to answer your question, I think that no, you might not need a credit repair company.  It might be best to just understand what circumstances led to your current situation, and create a plan to prevent them from recurring in the future.  With a fundamentally sound and strategic plan, you might find that you can achieve a surprising improvement in your score in just a year or two.


most credit repairs companies are scams.

And the only thing they do successfully is take your money.

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