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I am looking for an accountant in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. I will be picking up my first wholesale check tomorrow. I want to make sure I set things up right for tax purposes. 


Michael, I use tidewater for all my taxes and they also do accounting as well. They are out of Chesapeake

Tax Preparation Service • Greenbrier West
609 Independence Pkwy #120, Chesapeake, VA 23320
(757) 436-3150

I use Ruth and Sandy and highly recommend them!

way to go Mike, we miss you bro.   I can't wait to see the picture, make sure you post it or send it to me.  God bless.   who whoa

Thanks. I will be signing up this weekend. I received the email from Karen Downs.  I will be joining officially.  You will get tired of seeing me. I have to get out of this "rat race".  I've am not devouring Robert Kiyosoki's books. 

@Michael Hurdle 

Not sure if your still looking for an accountant but we use Terri Stewart for all of our taxes and she is great.

  1. Address: 397 Little Neck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

    Phone:(757) 473-0666

    Shot me an email so we can discuss your wholesaling and i can let you know what I am looking for.



Thanks for your response.  I am sending you an email now.  

@Michael Hurdle 

Add me to your list 

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