I've Taken a Part Time Job to Reach My Goals

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So we are a family that lives pay check to pay check for the most part.  I've been trying to save $500 -$600 each month recently  but it just isn't enough.   My wife isn't to happy about it but the $10 per hour on Saturday will help. 

To close on my last property I took out a title loan on my truck which is killing me!  Taking the part time job will enable me to get that SUPER HIGH interest rate loan knocked out and start putting that $$$ toward the next rental and two new roofs this summer.

My wife and I live in North Jersey and have student loans, so even though we make pretty good money I can only manage to put $1,000 away after all our bills, my investments and fun money.  I found your post very inspiring as we keep finding it hard to pull the trigger feeling like we don't have enough of a safety blanket, but you're really going for it!  I hope it all works out!  

@Dwight Crocker   great post!

It is what you do that no one else will that will make you successful in this business!

@Dwight Crocker   Some guys/gals that are new to this business, or life seemingly, think that everything is going to be handed to them.  I love to see those who are willing to do whatever it takes, ethically of coarse, to be successful! Great Post and decision!

@Dwight Crocker  


  It takes a lot of effort, strength and commitment to do what is right for our financial health. I have a feeling you have many more successful endeavors in your future!

Here is to 2015!

@Dwight Crocker  , congrats on your decision to do what it takes.  I recently convinced myself that it's okay to lower my 401k contributions to only the amount of the employee match (for now).  I am anti-cash, because cash is trash, but I need to be able to accumulate some for down payment, possible rehab, and reserves.  We gotta do what we gotta do sometimes.  Congrats! 

@Dwight Crocker  

I work full time for that reason. While our investments are doing really well, we need the money to continue funding our investments at this point. The key to success is willing to buckle down and do what "needs" to be done to be successful.

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