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I have currently switched over from a Window's 7 computer to a Mac.  I am in need of a software that I can use to manage my bank accounts, all my rental properties and transactions.  I liked the Bookkeeper by Mysoftware but I do not think this software has a DVD for Mac.  Any suggestions?

How about QuickBooks? Check out 

Gita Faust

I was in same position few years ago. Qb sucked for me. I use mint for Mac to manage my bank and credit cards. And I use 123landlord for rei part.

Qb rental property manager is a bum. Read Amazon reviews of it. Terrible.

Or install parallels for Mac and run windows inside the Mac OS. Allows you to keep your win software. Works like charm.

 @Tamera Shearon

We use Appfolio. It's a really nice system and it provides us with a lot of time saving features. 

FYI - QuickBooks does not have a rental - property management software. Buy you can use QuickBooks as a Real Estate Software, Property Management Software and Accounting Software.

If you meant Quicken Rental Software - I totally agree with you.

Gita Faust

thank you all for the awesome suggestions .  I will be looking into them all. 

+1 looking for suggestions... Using great old excel spreadsheets currently!


How large is your portfolio? I've seen countless landlords go cheap on the software until they grow to a size and into a problem that can no longer be managed by quickbooks. I've always struggled with why people do this - all property management software is not as expensive or complicated as yardi (and since you've invested in a MAC ... you can't use that expensive IE based software anyway).

Many of the large operators/managers nationwide use software that is very much accessible to smaller sized landlords and they often pay PER PROPERTY - allowing you to grow into your portfolio in an organized fashion.

I firmly believe to run a small or large portfolio - it's all in the software. For first timers on a budget I'd start with a company like AppFolio that has a great UI and charges a per-property cost. 

I would only use platform-agnostic, ie, web-based apps. Using a Mac-specific or Windows-specific app is more likely to lock your data down to a specific machine, whereas a cloud-based application can be accessed from anywhere, and probably has tie-ins with other services/products you could use due to the nature of their design/environment.

@Account Closed  I'd love to use Appfolio, it's only $1/property - but it has a $200/month minimum.  If I had enough units, I'd switch immediately, as it is, I'm in the same boat as Tamera - looking for something to manage a few properties that won't break the bank or make me pull my hair out trying to force-fit it to work as PM software.

@Tamera Shearon  

We've been using MoneyWorks Gold by Cognito for all our businesses (software, real estate) for the past three years.   We evaluated all available Mac accounting packages - open source and commercial - available at the time and Moneyworks had the best implementation of the features we required (multi-company, multi-currency, multi-jurisdiction (taxation), project budgets, etc).

@Al Bunch , that's unfortunate $200 a month! Well, if it doesn't make sense for your budget on a small group of homes then it doesn't make sense. The only wisdom I can pass on to you then is: ensure that the books you are keeping (all be it quickbooks or excel) that they are formatted in an 'industry standard' format. Yardi, Property Solution and AppFolio all treat the basics the same - the property is the grounded center - the tenant is an addition to that ... ect. This is will 1. help you stay organized and 2. allow for a seamless transition as you grow. I think, if you keep buying, $200 a month is going to start making sense. Until then - follow what the big guys are doing. 

Yardi Voyager 7S can be used on Safari. I use it it on Macbook Pro 13 (mid-2013)

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