Identity THEFT and i cant get past it HELP!

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Long story short, two years ago i received a bill from Verizon stating that 4 cell phones have been opened under my name. No minutes or data were used but somehow managed to rack the bill up to $2000. They used my name, address, and SS#.

-I filled for identity theft with verizon & credit bureaus

-I filled a police report

-Sent verizon all necessary information

Spent endless hours on the phone with verizon with no help. my case has been closed with them sending the amount due to collections. Filed with several collections stating the chargers were fraudulent. Amount due was just sent to another collection agency. Ive given up the fight against verizon and the collection agency and not sure what to do.

Its been in collections for awhile now but i refuse to cough up what is now $2500. I need to set this straight before moving on to REI.

Any advice would be very appreciated.  

My husband used to work for Verizon Service and he says there's a specific fraud department - it's kind of an obvious suggestion but make sure that you're talking to them directly. Although if it's already in collections they are clearly done dealing with you anyway.

We have Zander insurance for identity theft - they actually provide remediation where they do all the work on your behalf to resolve credit issues due to ID theft. I'm not sure if they'll do that after an issue has already occurred but you could sure try! Good luck!

@Melanie Smith  

Thank you for the info. I was talking directly to the identity theft department but with no luck. ill definitely look into zander! 

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@Cheryl Lebert  thanks but I already got in contact with an attorney who is helping me out. 

I had a problem with Verizon & they did almost nothing to untangle it.

I took them to small claims court.  I only wanted them to reverse the charges and fix my credit reports.

I went to hearing dressed like I was taking my strict granny to church.  Verizon Rep didn't even wear a jacket.  (Huge lack of respect for court.)

At the beginning of the day's hearings, the judge asked if anyone was willing to go to mediation.  I raised my hand.  Rep didn't.

I apologized to judge for wasting the court's time with such a petty matter but my credit report was on the line.  I furnished a terrific paper trail in a binder to him and V Rep.

Judge was REALLY angry at Verizon for jerking me around.  He gave rep a severe scolding, told him to take the message back to HQ, and then did some strange things with his calculator to determine my out-of-pocket costs (filing fee, postage, etc) - I got everything I wanted plus over $100. 

Check came soon.  Credit and account cleaned up.  Sweet.

Good luck!

@Olivia C.

Congrats of fighting the man and winning! I have a feeling verizon waits until customers go to extreme measures to actually correct situations. The majority of the people probably just bite the bullet and pay off accounts that they shouldnt be paying in the first place in fear of their credit report tanking.

I got a sworn affidavit written up that i sent to the three credit bureaus as well as verizon. Included was all the necessary evidence of fraud. a month later, all accounts were scrubbed from my credit report! 

Dealing with Verizon is like talking to a wall and a complete waste of time

Send a letter registered to the collection company and Verizon.  Tell Vrizon you will sue if they don't resind their collection company.

 Just staple some letters you have sent about this with a cover letter and tell them you will sue them if they send you another letter or call you.

File a complaint against verizon with the FCC and your attorney general.

Don't answer the phone when they call and if they take you into court (which they will not do) just go in with your documentation and counter sue them.

Certainly do not pay them.

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