Your Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

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I was hoping the BPers could share their favorite personal finance blogs.  These are the two I have tracked quite a bit in the last several years:


2Million's Personal Finance Blog

There are others that get more press, but I find these to be updated pretty regularly and the advice on them as pretty solid.  I think they're similar to many folks on BP.  

Hi @Bryan Hancock

I recently started reading

I am really into travel and there is a component of it in her blog. I will look up your recommendations, it is always nice to be finding out new things to read!

The gist is retire early by being super frugal.

Mr money mustache, I believe @brandon turner has frequented that blog

I don't know where my head is. Check out J. Money writes for a younger crowd. J. Money curates his favorite posts from the PF Blogosphere. This is a great place to read about a ton of new blogs.

I like but he hasn't posted in a while. tells their early retirement to travel the world story.

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