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Hey BP!

I'm having trouble with Equifax! Who knows, I may be blacklisted by them at this point! They are flat out refusing to delete my 7 year old CH13 bankruptcy which is keeping me from getting business funding to build my real estate business. Transunion and Experian have both deleted it and my credit scores are 50 points higher with them!

Equifax is being beyond unreasonable regarding this! It's the last negative item on all 3 reports and they are not acting right at all. I have spent dozens of hours on the phone, sent 6 certified letters explaining how they in direct violation of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) about verifying accounts, etc, etc... At this point, I just want to move on and be done with them, but I can't get anywhere with them.

Does anyone have a direct contact to someone in the executive office of Equifax? I have all the usual numbers and even the direct local number, but even though they answer, they just transfer me to the customer service rotation hell. I'm looking for a direct contact number and email to someone with a brain that can help me out; not a customer service drone. I can get that on my own and I'm thinking there must be a way to get to an actual decision maker that has a soul

You have a case which the CFPB would be interested in. Equifax is not the answer. If you have proof the 13 was dismissed (meaning last payment made) more than 7 years ago you should take your compliant to the consumer financial protection bureau. The credit bureaus are governed by the CFPB. You can only go to them when: 1. You have exhausted all other reasonible avenues 2. You have proof your claim is true/accurate.

I would be interested in your success / failure story. I have a company that disputes negative & inaccurate information at the credit bureau level but my service would be ineffective as you have already disputed this item too many times and have now "engraved" it on your credit report. They would view any additional disputes as frivolous even if it was initiated by a professional. You are welcome to call me directly for free advice. Paul Ritter 724 664-6078 Owner, My Credit Team

@Paul Ritter

 Thanks for the input and I may call you next week. I got a direct contact email from someone on a myfico forum about Equifax. I sent the contact an email and got an automated response that she was out of the office so it's a valid email, whether or not I'll get anywhere with remains to be seen. I have called the CFPB and that process can take up to 60 days according to the rep I talked to. If I don't get any response or a response I don't like, I'll file the complaint