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Hello BP Members;

Lately I have been listening to some of the podcasts, which by the way are really good. One of the things that peaks my interest is Owner Financing. Most of the guests talk about things that they are doing at the moment, however a few of them talk about how later in their real estate career they plan on getting into O/F. Since I'm not that far into these podcasts at this moment and I'm going down the list, is there a podcast (number please) that only talks about Owner Financing? Aside for the podcast if there is someone that has experience with O/F can you please help with some questions that I have.

How it works? 

Do you buy homes with the 70% rule minus your costs, (like you would do with a flip then sell to someone instead while holding the loan)

What are the pros and cons of O/F?

What are the risks involved?

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When it comes to owner financing you have to look at the deal different.  The thing that matters most I feel is if the terms work for you or not.  For example, I would be willing to pay closer to what the seller is asking for if I can put very little or nothing down, get a long term deal with a low interest rate and the home will still cash flow. 

Good luck