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We currently have Wells Fargo and of course need to transfer money in significant amounts. Our issue is that we are overseas and need to do this stuff on line or at least on the telephone (I mistakenly thought that in 2016, that would not be an issue. Boy, was I wrong). WFB can transfer several thousand by wire and have a limit of something on the order of 30K per month. Oh, and they are talking about doing everything on paper... written paper checks to send money, written requests for transfers (notarized), etc.

All that to say I am looking for a new bank. 

I would like one that can actually wire money to buy a property. One that can work on line and without having to show up in person. Possibly I am a man who wants to much from a bank... But I really don't think so!

Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated.

so i know Chase and BoA you can wire money online.

i think all of the Clearxchange participant banks can give you that option.

here's my personal opinion, fwiw:

in 2016, i can't believe you HAVE to be in the branch to open an account

for most major things you HAVE to be in the branch like getting a Deposit ONLY ATM card for the tenant

but then again, the 9/11 morons caused all this financial issues and the feds are doing everything they can to make sure money does not go to bad people.

you can always come to the US and do all your transactions and then go back home. it's part of the investment - writable expense.

and as frustrating as it seems, it's still better than all the other countries. 


I want to look into B of A. 

I am looking for a "bank survey" of some sort that will compare banks for people like us, but may have to do it myself. 

Now I am looking into 

  • Chase
  • B of A
  • California Bank & Trust

Experience/opinions on any of these?

Other recommendations?

@Lynn Jacobsen

I use USAA.  They allow me to transfer funds over the phone regardless of the amount.

I also have Chartway FCU and Wells Fargo and I have to come in person to do that.

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