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Are there recommendations of personal finance books for kids? I am looking for books that kids would not read for fun or be assigned through school, which could include money management, investing, business, self-improvement, etc.

I am planning a program for my children to get them reading and thinking about wealth creation, personal finance, and so on. I am blessed with kids that LOVE to read, however I want to leverage that reading appetite to get them reading books they would never choose on their own.

The only book on my radar so far is Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens and the cash flow board game.

The program for my kids is a summer reading challenge while they are out of school. The challenge will be to:
- Read books that I pick (or approve of).
- Write a short summary of the book, including the main theme, any major lessons learned, and their candid thoughts on whether they liked the book.
- After reading the book and turning in their book review, they will get paid $20 or some other amount that is fair.

The way I see it, I am willing to pay them to explore ideas they would otherwise choose not to. Any thoughts will be appreciated!

Account Closed, Biggerpockets just put out an article on this "How to teach your kids all the money lessons they wont learn in school."

I love that idea and will be using that when my children get older

@Clayton Plank Thank you Clayton. The BP article is great. I am, however, looking for specific book recommendations that would be good reads for kids.

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