What kind of car would you suggest to buy? What do you drive? Why

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I have a few , e 350 van , V10 excursion , 4 door chevy 3/4 ton truck and the 62 corvette . ALL suck gas , but all serve their purpose 

A 2015 Toyota Carolla bought used in 2016 and a 2011 Toyota Sienna bought used in 2012. I've not bought a new car in 20+ years and probably never will. I hate buying depreciating assets that don't generate income. The Carolla is for short commutes, the Sienna for longer trips with our 3 kid. I love Toyotas. They last forever.  

@JD Martin very good point. I have had the itch to get a new car for a while, like 3 years.  Maybe if I kept my beater in better shape I wouldn't feel that pressure. 

I'm a goal oriented guy.  I'm 44 never owned a new car and most of my real estate is at 50 % equity.  A few years ago I started to want a tesla.  So I thought about it and set a goal.  When I  get to 500k gross annually and pay cash then that would be my car.  

This is my current car. Toyota Camry hybrid. Bought it from a yellow cab company in the NYC I drive a lot and it gets 40MPG.   I paid 6k that included the black paint. The house in the background I got for 16k cash.  I like to think driving that car and buying houses like that will get me in my paid for Tesla 

Got to admit though    If I'm on my way to the dealership with a 150k in cash I'd probably call in some more offers on houses and get a corolla. Well see.

^^^Nice house for 16k! And yes, I would probably do the same re: Tesla vs another property 😀

TL;DR - Consider all options and drive one that fits our habits, personality and investment strategy.

I drive a BMW 128i coupe and a 328i wagon because:

- I believe in investing in daily experiences. My commute should make me smile.

- I commute a lot and love to drive, especially on scenic highways and mountain roads.

- I've driven many cars before and still prefer BMW handling.

- I want the power to overtake on the highways, especially on steeper roads.

- I buy cars that has already hit major depreciation - 1 yr, 5 yr, 100K miles.

- I know BMW cars intimately. Not at the mercy of mechanics.

- I see MPG as a variable cost that I can control. Today I drive more, tomorrow I drive less.

- I don't want to die while driving a Prius.

Electric cars are interesting and it's definitely the future. It's still too expensive and too much work to own. When rapid charging becomes ubiquitous then I'll wait for one that has depreciate enough.

I paid cash for my Ram 1500 & believe me it's a work truck. Plus I have 2 trailers one is a 20 ft the other 12 ft. All 179'd & the trailers were tax exempt.

The old days of hauling rehab materials in my Town Car(s) got tired real fast.