Where would early retire to?

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If you could pay cash for $300k house and have a $50k a year income stream and no debt where would you live? Needs to be some what warm,near a boating lake or river and not deep in the back country. Where should I move to?

Dominican Republic, you're a King for the rest of your life

Arkansas.Check our Ft. Smith,Hot Springs,Ozark. Tennessee can be nice as well.

Brandon Battle that's funny, I have really been looking into Nashville area already. I was raised in N Ark. I know that area pretty good.

Define warm. Warm as in no hint of winter or snow? Or warm as in "thank god this isn't Minnesota"?

@Tj M. I could argue Arkansas for the low property taxes or Texas for no state income tax. Either way it helps your dollar stretch a little further. And you’ll want to escape both for about 3 months on the summer. Although I’m honestly not sure what there is in West Texas or South Arkansas. 😬

@JD Martin Careful now.  ;)

Actually, I'm following this thread to get some good ideas.

@Brandon Battle has a good idea... NW Arkansas or SW Missouri... north Central Arkansas is nice as well and cheap.

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