Currency Wars? Distributed Ledger Technology to replace US$?

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Apparently, James / Jim Rickards has been letting anyone who will listen know that the "Global Elite" have been conspiring for years to undermine the strength of the US, amongst other things. (I've only just become aware of his clout/non-clout around the corridors of power).

It came to my attention that he believes that January 1, 2018 is going to be the day that the next phase of their plan will be put into motion, and (from what I've read) he reckons there's nothing the President can do to stop Countries from diversifying away from the US dollar (into Distributed Ledger Technology).

What say then the USA about their strategy of "quantitative easing", if that happens?

And what say all of us, if the US dollar becomes shunned by the world, in favor of say, gold?

Yes, I know this looks like yet another scare-mongering thread, but, it won't hurt to keep ourselves informed, right? And yes, pray about such things (1 Timothy 2).

So a 14 trillion dollar economy in the US plus the global economy will overnight switch to crypto currencies that are backed by anonymous hackers somewhere? And buying gold is somehow going to protect you? And then you want us to pray about this? Lets say prayer actually worked, wouldnt you rather use it on starving children or people with cancer or something like that? Nevermind...why did I even waste the last 45 seconds typing this?

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