202-688-8749 - SCAM Phone Number

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Hi world, just letting everyone know that I received a call from 202-688-8749. They left me a voicemail:

"[...]This filing which you are hiding from the Federal Government. This needs to be rectified immediatetly. So please return our call on a direct line number. This number is 202-688-8749 again 202-688-8749."

Obviously, I immediately suspected scam, and when I called, I was greeted by a guy claiming to be from the "Federal Investigation Department." After they figured out that I was not even slightly interested in giving out personal information they hung up. I detected an accent that I believe is middle eastern. 

Guys, this REEKS of scam. I hope that me posting this up here on the internet helps the next person they call. Hopefully, this will just pop up as the #1 result in Google for this phone number, and prevent anyone from being hoodwinked by these guys.

I am also filing a report with the FBI. But, I suspect that calling out these guy's phone numbers one by one is the best we can do as ordinary citizens. 

If you get a call from 202-688-8749 do not give out any information. The IRS won't reach out like that.

(I know that BiggerPockets members and sophisticated real estate investors are not so silly as to give out personal information over the phone to strangers. This is a message for the entire public at large.) 

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There's an online registry you can report the number to as well that is searchable. Can't remember the URL right now but you can do a google search and have it in a second. 

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