Getting a loan with ZERO income but HIGH assets?

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Hi My name is Evan and I find myself in an interesting predicament when it comes to financing. I am a college student, and have no income whatsoever. However, I am fortunate enough to have a significant number of assets in the form of stocks and bonds. Obviously I could liquidate these assets, to free of cash, but I would rather leave them untouched. Is there any specific type of lender/loan I could pursue? How can I leverage these assets? If anyone has experience with this type of situation I would appreciate your advice. Thank you!

@Evan Barney , I'm not the best qualified to answer on this question but I would start with private lenders and see if you can get anything there to start out with. Private lenders can be anyone really, even your parents! Instead of paying back a bank, you'd just be making your payments to the private lender. You can also try to find a property in which the seller is willing to provide seller/owner financing. That may be another great option for your situation. As a college student, have you created sufficient credit history yet? I can't emphasize this enough, start credit as early as possible, but the key is to be responsible! You'd be surprised how many mid-aged adults lack sufficient credit history to buy a home. Hope this helps. 

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