2018 Was a Great Year Because....

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Yeah, I know, 2018 just started. That wasn't a typo.  I like to state my resolutions as if I am looking back on a year, not looking forward into it. Makes it feel less like a dream, more achievable. These things are getting done!

2018 was a great year because I 

  1. Continued to grow my business
  2. Started note investing
  3. Got a lot of great education and met many great people at my local REIAs (Tidewater Real Estate Investors Group and Hampton Roads Landlord Association)
  4. Saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes
  5. Helped some families achieve their financial goals
  6. Got my behind to the gym 4 days per week
  7. Read 12 books I haven't read before (I'm a slow reader!)

Why was your 2018 great?

Deposited rent checks every month.

Made more money than I need

Only had one eviction

Kept very busy with personal interests.

Woke up every morning. (at my age it's day to day)

Life is good

Great idea Paul!

My 2018 was a great year because it was the year I:

1. Got started in real estate investing

2. Closed ten deals in my first year with a couple of them being fix and flips, and some buy and holds

3. Was able to quit my day job from the profits I made in my profits

4. Built up a trustworthy and hard working team that mutually benefit each other and allowed my business to reach the next level.

I am so excited for the new year!

Bitcoin 🔥🙌😂

...I bought my first home - a 4-unit apartment building and I'm getting paid to live here now. 

...I flipped 6 houses with a business partner.

...I helped other people get involved in real estate investing! 

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