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Hello Bigger Pockets family! My name is Shinnah Brown. I currently residing in New Orleans, LA. I currently own 2 homes( primary residence, and SF rental) and just put an offer in on a 4plex. I'm still getting my feet wet in real estate, and not as comfortable as I should be, but working on it. I was looking for any recommendations on good finance companies. Currently I am using Quicken Loans, and Bank of Louisiana, but would like to shop around. Could anyone make any recommendations on good finance companies? Thanks in advance!!!! 

@Sinnah Brown I recommend going through a banker instead of a broker. I believe you'll get just about as good of a rate at little to no origination costs. Also shop around a little. Everyone's going to offer a little different financing packages. 


Thanks Case. Any recommendations on who I should try?

@Shinnah Brown Idk if they have offices close to you but Summit Funding does great work here in Cincinnati and I know they are in multiple states

The three most investor friendly banks in the New Orleans area are Home Bank, Resource Bank and Investar.

Thank you Braden. I'm going to visit their sites now! You're Awesome!

I’d try to some local smaller credit unions and savings banks. Not sure which are the ones near you, but in my experience they’ll give you the best rate and lowest fees.

Thanks Tommy. I’m applying right now to a local bank. Thanks Again!!!

Fannie Mae direct lenders with no overlays is best for me out here on the West Coast.

I'd be happy to have a quick chat on some programs if you like :)


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