Looking for GREAT fee only financial advisor! Who do you love??

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Hello all,

Who do you know that is an excellent fee only non biased financial advisor.  Looking for someone great who I can ask general financial checkup and investing advice and also get help with a Sep or solo 401k because I'm self employed.  Thank you!!

Depending on the size of your portfolio/account (I know they have a minimum), Investor Solutions in South Florida is a fee-only investment firm. (Also, it was started by an Eastern Airlines pilot!)

Thank you Eliesa for your time to reply!  I was really looking for someone for my daughter and son in law.  My son in law is an independent in the film business.  I did not make that clear with the post.  I'm also hoping to find someone who has personal experience with the financial planner they suggest to confirm their experience and ability.

If you don't get a personal recommendation, you may want to try the Find-an-Advisor tool from NAPFA.

NAPFA is a professional association for fee-only advisors. The search tool can help you narrow down the field quite a bit.

XY Planning Network has a similar feature, although I think there is significant overlap between the two tools (nearly all XYPN advisors are also NAPFA members).

Best of Luck on Your Financial Journey!  (And to your Daughter/S-i-L, too!)