Financial advisor with an understanding in RE investment

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I am looking for a good financial advisor, preferably in the Atlanta area who understands realestate investments. I would be glad with any direct or indirect recommendation/comment related to the subject! Thank you very much!

Welcome to BP @Encsi Balla !

Can you be more specific with your question?  Imagine this: A year from now you are really happy because you found the perfect financial advisor for you. What is it s/he helped you to accomplish that has you so happy?

@Encsi Balla I second @Paul Allen advice. Before looking for an advisor you must understand what you are looking for in an advisor. The quality of the answers you get is based on the quality of questions you ask. 

I would suggest leveraging resources like BP and Google in developing your investment criteria, goals, objectives and constraints. 

Local networking with experienced investors will also accelerate your progress as you can learn by avoiding their mistakes.

@Paul Allen I am looking for a financial advisor, who can help bringing foreign realestate money in the country the most cost effective way for reinvestment purposes, also in RE. At this point, as I’m shopping around right now, I’m curious what other RE investors in the BP community have to suggest without being too specific - other than the location and the experience in RE investments. Thank you so much again!