Bank account for LLC with foreign member

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Hi everyone

I need a reference for a business bank account for my LLC.

As a non-U.S. citizen (South African/Netherlands), I am the sole member of a GA LLC, which owns a property in Atlanta.

I am looking to open a bank account for the LLC (for rentals and expenses), and I was wondering whether anyone could give me a recommendation in this regard? I have already established working relationships with lenders, attorneys and accountants in the U.S.A., all the paperwork is already in place, and I have the capital ready to build a real estate portfolio, so the only remaining hurdle for me is to establish a banking relationship.

Thanks for your help!

Are you able to physically go in person to a US bank? Is your LLC address in the US? If so, you should not have any real issue with any bank. They would require your LLC documents, proof of physical address (no PO box), EIN and your passport (maybe also proof of address for you).

Now if you can't go in person to a branch, you may have a hard time not being a US person. Your attorney should however be able open the account for you, but he may have to be a signatory on the account.