4 Plex Analysis - trying to figure out financing, strategy?

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So I have a dilemma.  I found a 4-plex that looks like a good investment.  $150K asking price, $2600 monthly income...cashflow analysis indicates around $700 cashflow.   4-plex's don't come up for sale often here so would like to pounce on it but here is my dilemma...not sure where to get funding from.

In the past 4 months I have purchased 2 duplexes and a single family home, depleting my available cash reserves for down-payments. Current lender requires 25% downpayment so I would need around $40K.

Currently have $107K in a HELOC of which I have $40K available, but then I would be maxed out. My last property I purchased out of my HELOC for $72K. I cannot refinance it into a 30 year mortgage until November as that will be the mark of "2 years" of self-employment which they require for traditional 30 year fixed mortgages. I don't want to use my HELOC as that will increase my debt to income ratio and probably disqualify me for any mortgage anyway.

Does anyone have any recommendations for lenders that require less than 25% downpayment for an investment property?

Or what are your suggested strategies for finding funding?  

Thanks in advance!

Why not partner up? Raise private money via family and friends? With as much purchasing you’ve done over the last four months surely someone you know is willing to invest with you. Good luck! And Great job this year!