Borrowing from my 401k to hedge against market downturn

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Looking at the rising interest rates, and the possible downturn in the stock market, I'm thinking of borrowing out as much as I can from my 401k to either use for some real estate investing, and also hedge against the market.  I'm also considering not putting into my 401k anymore, but I do get 20% matching from my employer which is pretty awesome. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

Nobody can time the market.  You will lose money. Cash is trash and destroyed by inflation.  

I did something similar - I cut contributions from 22% down to the company's match to save capital for RE investing, but I don't get 20%, I get 7%. 

If you put in 20%, they match 20%, and the market goes up 10%, you have 30% growth. Don't leave the company match on the table, it's free money. I would try to find cash somewhere else first.