Homemaker starting in RE

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Hi.  I am a homemaker with four young children.  I can no longer rely on my husband's income to support our family.  I need to figure out how to build a portfolio that will provide cash flow now and create substantial ongoing assets for the future.
I have a significant savings to get started and need a step by step guide (where/what/when to invest) without it requiring me to do much travel or work outside of home. 

Welcome @Morenika Somerville ! You've certainly come to the right place. There is so much gold within these virtual walls that if you keep at it, you will no doubt find what you're looking for - and much more!

I personally love the podcasts, but the forums are a tremendous resource with real people.

Perhaps you can state where you're from - this way, investors who have that location (city, state for example) will get a notification of your post and might be able to respond. It would be great for your education and investment career to meet more like minded people, especially if they're successful, and especially if they're local to you.

I'd recommend spending some time on the forums here and other places just learning about the different options. Then try to focus one (maybe two) areas and really learn and do.

I'm getting longwinded here. Last tip - when you want to tag someone, use the @ symbol and then start typing the name of the person. This way, that person will get a notification and be more likely to respond. Otherwise, with thousands of posts a day here, it's hard for everyone to see everything.

Best of luck!!! If you have more specific questions, post them here, a different thread, or feel free to message me directly.

@Morenika Somerville , check out the BP bookstore.  I believe there’s a book by Josh and Brandon about getting started in real estate.  I would check that book out.