Trying to build my portfolio

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Hello good people on BiggerPockets my name is Lorenzo And I am a property investor I have five properties that I have a substantial amount of equity and I am just not sure of the best ways to pull of the capital and use the capital to invest more into my portfolio. Any help would be really appreciated thank you!

@Lorenzo Swinton

This is a great time to refinance those properties (make sure not to over leverage) and reinvest. I would not refinance them all at once but as you need the funds. Make sure the debt is 10+ year term debt and is fixed for the length of the term.

I would just recommend speaking to your lender. If you have a good relationship with the bank, they will not only be happy to help, but they will most likely give you another mortgage on another few properties. This will allow you to keep cashing out and building your portfolio rapidly. 

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