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How can i get a heloc i have a home with my name in the deed with my father and were thinking of getting a heloc,, whats the best lenders to go to and what documentations are required? Ive heard i could get approved with banks statements if i dont get paid with pay stubs im really new to this

I got mortgages and HELOCs thru the years. I see two issues. If you're not on W2's, they usually want 2 years of tax returns. And the addition of your father could be a plus or minus. A plus if he's got good income, W2's, interest and dividends etc., little debt. I partnered with my mother in law, she's retired, had plenty of cash, invested with my wife and I, but also invested with others. A plus? Actually the bank counted the debt of all her investment properties that includes ones that others controlled, which means counting those mortgage debts, with her name is on the mortgages and deed, but not us, so it really sunk our DTI big time by adding her. Fortunately, I had a private banking account with a bank, agreed to consider things without her, like counting her in the DTI computations, but only adding her name on the loan when it's approved, and it went through.

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