Provider for Solo 401K plan administration and compliance

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Hi BP Forum:

I have a solo 401k plan that hold a townhome investment.  My plan documentation needs to be updated and I'm looking for a provider who can perform the requisite administration on an ongoing basis too.

Would prefer recommendations of solid professionals from the BP family.

Thanks everyone

Hey @Russell R. , there is at least one provider in the Member Perk section of your BP profile that would be worth checking out, and there's another that advertises on the Rich Dad radio show (podcast) if your'e into that sort of thing.

No experience with either one personally, but I like their positioning and thought I'd call them out.

Hi Russell, I would highly recommend calling Dmitriy at Sense Financial. I was new to the Solo 401K world 2 yrs ago and decided I wanted to move from my SEP into the flexibility that a Solo 401K offers. Sense Financial handled setting up ALL of it. All I had to do was sign where they asked me to sign. They are incredibly responsive to this day. When I reach out for advice or guidance they are quick to respond. Very professional. Customer service is top notch. I was actually on the phone last night with them. It takes time to learn and understand how the Solo 401K works, and I don't do anything until I run it by Dmitriy and his group. I am grateful I have them as a partner to help guide me. You'll be glad you used them. Good luck!!