Wanting to move to a different career to free up time

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Hey investors! The last couple months I’ve been wanting to change career paths due too long hours at my current job, which is really making it hard for me to invest. I work 55 plus hours a week, Mon-Saturday, and I really don’t enjoy the work itself. What I want to do is find a career that takes up less of my time, so I’m able to invest more in real estate.

The only thing that's keeping me here is getting bank financing, which is crucial for my goals that I have, which is BRRRR'ing. I don't know how I would refinance out of short term financing.

Has anyone had a similar situation to what I am currently going through? Thank you in advance for any insight!👍🏽

It will be impossible to get loans right after quitting a W2 job. You are correct about that.

Why don't you simply get a new job in a similar field with less hours? You could take the plunge full time into real estate but I've seen that slow most people down as they trade one problem for another. Use that W2 income, not to mention it's nice to get income while you get the real estate stuff off the ground. Or just buy 100 rentals with a full time job and you're rich and don't need to worry about having a job!

@Allan Smith thanks for the reply and insight! My goal is yea, to be full time in real estate, and quit my full time job, I just feel like it’s gonna be a challenge with all that my job consumes me now. I guess I’ll never know how bad it’ll really be until I actually do it, right? Lol.