Getting rid of kitchen grease with a septic tank

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I posted previously about whether I should upgrade to the city sewer if possible. If I have a property on septic what do I do with the kitchen grease? If I drain the grease from a hamburger, for example, that grease can clogs the incoming or outgoing lines in a septic. What is an easy way to dispose of the grease? TIA!

Regardless if you have a septic or sewer connection, none of the grease should ever go down the sink.  Get a tin can (eg soup can, tomato can) and keep it by the sink.  Pour the grease into that and once the grease has set and the can is full (ie don't use it once time, keep adding to it), put the can in the garbage.  Otherwise, leave the grease in the pan until the pan is cool and use a paper towel to give it a good wipe and then wash the pan with soap and hot water.

@Champ Leong grease should never go down any drain. It clogs pipes before even making it to the sewer. I take a couple paper towels, fold them up and put them on a plate. Then I pour the grease on the paper towels and let it cool. The towels absorb the grease and I throw it in the garbage. I also don't recommend putting any food waste down the drain. Anything solid needs to go in the garbage. This will prevent costly plumber bills down the road.

@Champ Leong   always put it in a can in the trash and warn tenants to do the same.  You don't want to see the giant grease ball in your septic system if they don't.  It really does clog things up and there isn't much to do once the damage is done.  If you can get on sewer and the septic is older, do it. The town doesn't usually give you a choice so if you have septic it sewer usually isn't available.