Neighborhood Analysis Tools Needed

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Anyone got a good recommendation for websites that can provide me a deeper analysis of a neighborhood, preferably on a zip code basis?

The information I am looking for would be the standard points an investor might want to know, including average home prices, median income, crime rates, real estate forecasts etc. 

I checked out but I am wondering what good competitors are out there, and if there are any free (or lower cost) alternatives. Thanks in advance!

What specific information are you looking for? Personally, I've been investing more than 50 years and never looked at the demographics for a neighborhood one time because I always felt that you need more personal knowledge about the neighborhood e.g. whether it is blue-collar working people, whether it infested with gangbangers, what the ability to increase rents is, etc. and the only way to get a good feeling and understanding is to personally visit the neighborhoods in the daytime, evenings and on weekends because weekends and nighttime is when the bad people come out like cockroaches. I always visit multi-unit properties during the nighttime and weekends to see what type people live in the neighborhood and in the properties I am considering to purchase.