Have you ever Got a BAD Landlord, There is no such a thing right

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Ok I know we all have heard lots and lots of stories of horrible nasty tenants. Anyone here before purchase there own home have got one? 

I think I do, and sharing to see what would you do. We are 4 months away to be by lenders ready to purchase our home Thank GOD. We have relocated from a city closer to my wife's work and we travel a lot ( 5 months and a half last year ) . We give my landlord pre-dated checks for a year in advance to make sure rent is always pay on time.  

We Love the place and the location. When we moved in the heating sytem to the bathroom was broke, so she promissed to replace. When we left last year in Oct we gave her permission to enter the apartment to control heat and replace the heater box in the bathroom. We came home in November for a month and she had not replaced yet. Out of the country again for the next 3 1/2 months. Back in March She didn't fix the heat again. The thing is the bathroom is not propertly insulated, so winter months if is 5 degrees outside is 5 degrees inside the bathroom, summer if is 85 degrees outside is 5 degrees inside. 

Oct this year I asked her again if she would fix the bathroom heating problem, she say she was trying to get her eletrician for the last year and he was jerking her off ( that's hers words ) so we suggest getting someone else. 

She finally got an appointment for Nov 16th 2021, so I told her let's leave for next year than because we would be leaving the country Oct 30th for the next 4 to 5 months and I don't want anyone in the apartment while we are not there ( Due to her taking few things from my fridge last year without my permission A champne gift my wife got it and running a portable small heater in the bathroom while we were out the light bill came to about $150 every month we were out last year yes that's correct She was leaving a portable small space heater running without anyone in the house. Now I know why she would go in the house every other day.  After I said I don't want anyone in and out of the house while we are out she went nuts texting saying the heat in the bathroom is not suficient and would blow her water pipes, Than I say you have a problem and you have to fix, you have a insulation problem NOT a little heater problem. Any how that heater in the bathroom got fixed Thank GOD. 

NOw the special part you didn't expect:

In September I order fiber cable to my apartment and was installed with her permission. After a week she text me saying if I got a new router ? I say Yes than she say something change in thehouse I can't sleep, my mind is foggy my skin has tingling all over, I ask do you think is the new cable? She say yes. I say ok I will call now to cancelled and remove the service and I will go back to my original service which was never a problem. She say ok.   

She had shut off my power of my whole apartment before without permission to see if she would feel better, she also wants my WiFi off because she know I have cameras inside the house so she keeps saying that my enthernet could be the problem. She has 5g iphone, she has fiber optic cable from verizion for a long time. I don't even have a TV by choice. 

From that day on the TELENOVELA Saga has not stopped. 

Service got completelly remove including the cable.

She has hired 

2 EMF's Especialist to come read the whole house

Eletricians to come and check grounds and eletrical in the house.

EVERY professional gives her the same results

THERE IS NOT ENOUGH EMF coming from her house or my house that could affect her health like that, she my be sensetive to frequency waves from the power poll from outside her house which has a lot coming from there by the first EMF specialist. 

After all this results and I am about 2,091 miles away from home we were able to breath. 

Until Today

She sent me an email again 

She would like to have a lengthy chat about all of these key players, she and her not are not feeling well with the electric and radio frequency and she needs my assistance with solutions.  

What do I do ? 

Get a lawyer to stop the harassment?

Ignored ?

I am not flying home to move out as she is only doing that to get into my skin I guess. 

It is a mental problem that she doens't want to hear the true that there is not problem with the house?

I have a video of the EMF guy inside of my house taking the reading and when he finished he told my sister inside of the house assisting him that he is not getting enogh reading just like in her house, he say is so low I am not getting anything, so my sister say to him I know the other EMF guy say the same thing. 

So he say I know I told my boss that if she already got somebody else to ready and was the same is going to be hard to convince her that there is no problem coming from the house. 

I guess I needed to vent out beause I never experience this before

is pushing me to look for our home more and more

& also to be the best investor and landlord I can when time comes. 

Thank you if you took the time to read

Have a bless Day 


I am in a month to month now so would give me the chance of Buying something in march / abril wich that is when we will be getting back home. 

Thank you Nathan. Pretty hard, I put her shoes on as well you know, but hard to see it as problably lonliness and attention. Retired, lives pretty well with retiment income, 2 rents and the house is pay off. Only 67 pretty healthy, but isolation gets a lot of people, they might have to find what to do you know. 

I have always said, tenants go through screening, landlords don't. 

In this case, your landlord is exhibiting all sorts of improper behavior. Being allergic to frequencies is usually a mental illness more than it is a physical illness. Fiber optic is light on a glass wire and emits no radio frequency. Wifi does use the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, but both frequencies have been used for years for a variety of different electronics. This goes back to cordless phones and every version of wifi for years. If anything, 5G cellular frequencies are more dangerous, but still requires close proximity to transmitters for long periods of time. (note that 5G phones don't operate on the 5GHZ frequency)

If it was me, I would terminate lease immediately and move out. She has mental problems and can't be trusted. This seems to be progressively getting worse.

@Joe Splitrock I completed agreed with your thoughts and information no doubt thank you for sharing this with me.  We are planning to buy once we get back in the US as we are out of the country now for the next 3 to 4 months for work.  Paying for an empty apartment and headaches is not fun I can tell you that. Thank you again Joe. I might have to get a lawyer involved to sent her a letter to see if she will stop or ask her to sent me all the results from all of the professionals she hired saying is coming from my apartment you know. Thank you again