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Joel Betances
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Good tenant but lost their job 4 months ago

Posted Jan 20 2022, 10:19

My tenant is about to hit the end of my 1 year lease. Great tenant that has paid on time until she lost her job 6 months into the lease.

I gave her 2 months to recover from her financial loss. She was able to get help from the rental assistant program that paid 6 months of her rent.

However now that the lease is about to end, the tenant is saying she will apply for unemployment and for another 6 months of rental assistance.

I am concerned about this because what took her so long to apply for unemployment and will unemployment pay her enough to cover the rent.

Her current rent is 1050 but market rent went up to about $1200.

Should I renew her lease or should I give her the 60 day notice to vacate, fix the unit up and rent it at market rate.

Thank you for all your responses.

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