What is the worst damage tenants have done to your rentals?

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I wanted to see what some of the worst things teants have done to our properties. Dealing with bad tenants is an issue all landlords will eventually face. Lets share some war stories . . . :pissed:

I am a relatively new landlord so I haven't seen a lot yet. About the worst thing that I've seen so far was when a tenant left my apartment and "forgot" to turn off the water. The next day I receive a call from one of my other tenants that there was water in the hallway!!! The carpet and tile ended up ruined and I replaced all of it. :violin:

not a bad start. I'm sure you guys have had worse things then that happen. Anyone else?

In a condo building I used to live in, a couple of guys caused some serious damage to the place they were renting.

They never took their dog out, and it used the halls and unit as a toilet. They ripped all of the walls out and cut the pipes. When the police finally dragged them out, the place was a nightmare. Very scary situation. This was my first taste to the nightmare scenario...

My first rental was a single wide mh.
The tenant moved out on the 6th of Jan. to live with here boyfriend without letting me in on it.
Everything froze tight! I mean every last bit of plumbing ruptured, even my toillette bowl froze and broke in half!
What a way to get started, oh well all the renters after that didn't cause any real problems, they just didn't want to pay the rent......sigh.

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