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How much above comps if all appliances are included?

Posted Jun 9 2022, 19:29

My wife and I are grooming our single home for rent. We'll be including frig/ deep freezer in the basement/ dish wash/ stove/ microwave/ laundry wash/dryer/ water softener system. My question is how much above comps could I list my rent for? And is that too much maintenance liability on my end? I'll be planning to include the salt for the water softener and filters for the furnace as well. I'm thinking that will interest more tenants, and that will be my way of coming every other month or so to do an inspection at the same time while I replace the filters/ add salt ects. Thoughts? Also the reason we are including all the appliances is that we don't want to move it back and forth, we'll be living with my dad until we find another investment opportunity. 

Kansas City, Kansas

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