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Our tenant refused to pay a rent increase that was specified in the contract, so we asked him to leave. The whole ordeal took several months so he accrued a debt of couple $100. There was no rent control or any other reason for the tenant not to pay the new rent, but he claims that once we accepted a check for a partial amount, he is under no obligation to pay the missing amount. Is it true? Can I deduct the missing pay from his security deposit? Can I report this to a credit bureau?



Generally credit companies do not let individual landlords report late payments.

At this point you have a somewhat seasoned tenant. Before getting to deep you might want to pay an attorney to review your paperwork and lease to see where everything is at.

If you do one wrong thing with notices or eviction you might have to start all over.

Thanks God the tenant left already, so the only remaining issue is his deposit. I'd rather simply to deduce it from the deposit rather sue him, but as this is damage deposit, I'm not sure I can do that.

I had also to call a cleaning company to take care of his mess and dog poop all over the place, but since this was done technically while he was still under contract, he refuses to pay it either. Can I deduct at least this expense?

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