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Kevin Kim
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Are there check list when buying old manufactured house?

Kevin Kim
Posted Mar 5 2023, 08:15


We're going to buy a property in un-incorporated San Bernadino county which has two old manufactured houses which we want to fix and rent. (one is after 1977, and the other is pre 1975)

I wonder if there is any check list that we can refer to before buying or before renting out old manufactured house, like below

     1. check if there are noon-permitted room or structure.

     2. remove if there is wood-stove

     3. .....

    4. .....

I heard that sprinkler system is mandatory for new manufactured house, and I wonder if it apply to old manufactured house too. 

If it is mandatory and if we don't install it and if our tenant got injured by fire, then I think it can be big problem. 

I'm sure regulation and codes which regulate manufactured house might have been updated many times, and I wonder if we need to fix the old manufactured house up to updated codes. If it is mandatory, then I think it will cost too much to apply all those updated regulation and codes. 

Thank you. 

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