Land Loans

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hey patrick,

just tried calling you with the number you show here on your post....and it is the wrong fact some ol' crusty guy answered and was not real happy....LOL

might change the number if i were you.....

btw, the reason i called is in regard to what money you have available in regard to lending on raw land....

You guys did notice that Patrick made only two posts on the forums, and those were over two years ago, right? Just checking :D. Don't really think he's listening.


oh did i miss that...LOL

thx jon.....

will have to make sure i take a closer look at those time-stamps next time... :lol:

If its a newbie and posts wrong telephone number should that not be altered by the moderator?

But just shows that land loans are a hot button issue. I would have need for a guy like that. Just re-financed my land after a 5 year fixed rate. Got Prime + 1% float but with a 6.5% floor, so I am bottomed out.

Any suggestions?

Loan Modifications are currently targeting around 4 million delinquent homeowners. The modifications, if implemented, would require lenders to offer interest rate cuts, term extensions, and principal reductions in order to reduce borrowers’ monthly payments.