Bit of a setback with lead paint testing

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I have a nice little 2 bedroom , all done new paint etc ,all that was left was the lead paint certificate . Now this house is on 4 acres , an old farmette . The inspector starts walking to the old buildings and tells me ALL the chipping paint has to be addressed . I tell him , the house is for rent , they dont get the buildings . He says it doesnt matter , if it were on 1000 acres and a shed on at the farthest point had flaking paint it has to be painted . Then he tells me the flip side , I could have a perfect house pass , within 2 feet of an abandoned house with paint chips falling off on a common sidewalk .

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Matthew where is building with lead issues in relation to the house you want to rent??

If this building sits at the edge of your land sell off just that piece of land creating a new parcel and dump it. If it sits right in the middle of the 4 acres next to your rental house that is not likely an option.

How much is it going to cost to fix the issue?? If it's a ton of money and an old junkie building it might be better just to get it torn down and the crap hauled away. Maybe you could donate the building and let them haul it away for free to their land or donate the building to charity or let someone use it for business or farming if they take care of the lead issue.

Lot's of bartering or creative thinking might fix this issue. I am not going to dump a bunch of money into a building because the inspector says so. I will try to think of another way. No legal advice.

I was going to rebuild 2 of them , and 1 is falling down already . They are within 50 feet of the house . Most of the building is cinder block , but not all . The inspector only does a visual inspection for loose paint chips , so I will probably just power wash with tarps down and spray on some cheap paint where necessary . The downfall is the temps , I dont want to power wash or paint in the 30 degree temps .

In RI they can issue the lead cert with the exterior inspection having a problem I believe if the inspection occurs after Oct 1 but before June as long as you remediate by June. this is for issues that require painting. I haven't had to use this but it was a concern for me as well. Check and see if there is something they can give you temporarily.