As a landlord.. Provide the appliances?

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Currently, I am looking to buy my first investment property. This would be several states away from me, so I realistically would not be visiting but once a year, if that. Is it 'normal' or 'expected' for the landlord to provide appliances?

I see it potentially as a liability if you do. If your renters trash it, it's up to you buy a new one, etc.

The cheaper appliances are more noisy and consume more power. Use the cheap stuff if you the landlord does not cover power.

The cheap appliances will take abuse and will not depreciate as much as the high end stuff. It depends on the demographic of your tenant as well.

Electric is preferred for landlord over gas stoves due to liability and tenant trying to heat the place with the oven in certain cases. No ice maker on the fridge as it breaks down and the line in back tends to leak and cause damage.

No legal advice

Thanks Joel for the fast response.

Let me ask another queston.. Why would the landlord be paying for ANY of the utilities? Isn't that entirely up to the person renting the home?

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@Stuart Parker

It depends on the situation. In multi-units it could boil down to are the apartments/rooms separately metered? If not, it may be easier for the landlord to just pay the electricity or gas and then add the costs to the rent rather than try to figure out who is using how much and how to divide it.

With heat, some apartment buildings have boilers/furnaces and they provide the heat, and the tenants has no control on when it comes on.

There are more instances, but those I would say are most common reasons.

The answer to your question really depends on your market. In my market, for example, my lower end fourplex tenants expect me to provide the fridge. My SFR tenants, however, don't have that expectation as everyone has their own fridge. My advice is to absolutely avoid providing appliances that you don't have to provide. Appliances do break and it's really hard to find anyone decent to repair them.

@Joel Owens is absolutely correct about what to buy. I buy used GEs, Kenmores, Whirlpools rather than, say, brand new Americanas or Hotpoints. They just stand up to abuse better and don't feel cheap.

Without providing appliances your chances of renting it is less. We've had our rental property for 4 years now and we provide appliances. Whenever there is a issue, I'm quick to solve it. Love happy tenants because they will continue to occupy your property.

I supply a refrigerator , and a electric stove . Washer and dryer are the tenants responsibility , when they break its their problem . ( I get refrigerators pretty cheap especially ugly colors , I sand them down and go to a friends body shop and spray them white , they look like new)