Since Craigslist has become a waste land, how do you market your rentals?

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I stopped using CL also.

Never got much traffic from it anyways.

I use Postlets but I limit the syndication. I prefer to post my own on Trulia and Hotpads because I can get a "FULL" ad on there instead of a truncated one that Postlets do.

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Here is an idea that was started in East Texas buy a REI friend. Started a group in FB called "Dwellings for Rent or Lease in 'your area" we use a tri-county area. Have REI postings and people looking for rental property.

@Jon Klaus Why do you say Craigslist has become a wasteland for rentals? I haven't noticed anything different but then I'm not on it every day. CL is pretty much the only way I market my SFRs. (I don't even use a sign.)

@Joe Gore ...No, I don't put my contact phone # until I get a name/phone #..Also require a drive by of the property(give address) before pre qualify...It really weeds out those who are not interested..Most in my market familiar with CL so about 5 good tenants in the last year....About 2 years ago, not many using CL...

I just did a CL rental search using the unique name of a local town as my term. Only about 1 in 50 of the ads the search returned were in the town. The others must be using many hidden search terms in their content to show up as much as possible, no matter if they are completely irrelevant. I expect this will make my ad difficult to find.

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I have to agree about using Postlets and Craigslist. It's really easy to set up and in my market- Trenton, it worked really well. I posted my rental on both as well as put a sign up out front and my phone rang off the hook for 5 days until I accepted a tenant and took everything down.

I use CL and Postlets and also put a sign up on the front of the building. I haven't had any problems with CL, have had lots of inquiries from it every time. I don't allow emails or online contact from my ads on CL and Postlets, I put our phone number in the ad and make them call me. I also post the property address in my online ads so people can drive the area to check it out first, and I think that having the "for rent" sign up front lets them know that the online ad they saw is legit.