Referral incentives

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Does anyone offer any incentives for referrals for their rentals? What do you offer? Cash? Gift card?

I personally dont as I have way more demand for rentals then I know what to do with.

I did live in an apartment for 1 year back in the day. They offered $300 of 1 months rents. I got a buddy to live in my building and got the discount.

Sounds like a good idea. If I was to do it would be gift card to track for write-offs. There would have to be stipulations, like that persons referral signs a lease. I wouldn't want to get stuck paying for refereals for ones that don't pay out.

@Arthur Banks

I also do not offer an incentive. I really think it depends on your occupancy rate and how hard it is to fill your place.

My last multi-family company I worked for offered $300 if the person signed the lease.

I'll test the market first. Good point.

We give them 50% of one month of rent.

50%?! Wow, (calculating... 1100 +, carry the 1, subtract, then add... :) Must be nice. That would be $550 in my case. Yeah, no, won't be doing that.

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